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Rebecca FreppMarketing & Communications Lead, Flow Neuroscience
Client: Flow Neuroscience

Marketing channels: Google Ads, Facebook Ads
marketing strategy, creating marketing funnel, campaign management
Markets: Europe
Industry: technology, mental health

About The Client


Flow’s scientifically-backed methodology combines brain stimulation delivered through a headset with behavioral psychology provided in the convenience of an app – working together to treat depression with revolutionary technology.

In a world of social isolation and burnout, we’re thrilled to be a part of helping amplify Flow’s impact on mental health.


The Background


We wanted to understand if hesitation towards different techniques for treating depression and lack of awareness was impacting the perceived benefit of using & purchasing a treatment option like Flow.

The Challenge


The main goal for this was to give the customers the treatment experience at no expense, which would lead to higher conversion to a transaction. We were looking for the growth rate to be close to 30 – 40%. The objective was also to design a comprehensive strategy that would address the various stages of the sales funnel.

The main challenges were:


  • Industry -various policies often limit advertisers from promoting a medical device through paid campaigns.
  • Skepticism about at-home depression treatment that requires no medication

Services provided:


  • Designing and executing the growth strategy through Google Ads campaigns
  • Managing Facebook Ads campaigns focused on increasing the number of product purchases & rentals
  • Supporting various A/B testing regarding content execution through paid media
  • Communication audit and supporting organic social media strategy
  • Providing comprehensive reporting



We quite early understood that a limited number of people would look for the specific solution that Flow Neuroscience offers in search engines. Targeting the queries related to the brand, product, or alternative depression treatments would not help us achieve Flow Neuroscience’s ambitious goals. Therefore we decided to expand the targeting, add additional keywords to the mix, and design the entire funnel to capture potential users at different stages. We decided to target users at the “higher stages,” e.g., AWARENESS or INTEREST, where we knew that people might not yet have heard about the brand or product. Still, they were looking for solutions, treatments, and information on Google. We structured our campaigns to address these stages and funnel the traffic through landing pages, where users could obtain the information but also complete different micro-conversion. We have also implemented broad keyword targeting that allowed us to target even more long-tail traffic. 


Here are the results:


MoM (November 2021 to November 2022 – YoY):

  • 260% growth in Conversions
  • Traffic increased by 30%
  • Bounce rate reduced by 78%
  • Avg. session duration increased by 41%


The Flow Neuroscience’s Project Team

Natalia Więch

Senior Social Media Specialist

Kasia Sobczyk

Performance Marketing Specialist

Agnieszka Remblewska

Online Marketing Specialist

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