We are a tight-knit team of experts with experience working both locally and internationally with big and small brands alike. We strive to make meaningful partnerships with our clients and treat their growth as an extension of our own.

Management Team

Meet the people behind MONSOON. We are a team of long-standing friends and colleagues. Confident in our skills and expertise, we decided to build something great together.

Our values

MONSOON is here to make a difference. We are a team of marketing experts, passionate about learning from each other and sharing our ideas with others. Our mission is to help purpose-driven brands reach their advertising potential. We encourage mutual growth, put culture first and always strive to make the ideal real. Our relationships are based on trust and mutual support.


We believe we can only truly grow and evolve as a team by nurturing authentic and caring relationships. To create flourishing, the plant and the soil must nourish each other. For this reason, we cultivate deep and trusting partnerships with our clients.


We interrogate the status quo and are here to advance change. Always evolving, we refuse to take anything for granted. It is through upheaval that new growth is encouraged.


We love solving problems and welcome obstacles because they make us more creative in crafting solutions. Where others see a wall, we see a surface to grow on.

Voluntary Fridays

We have big hearts and realise there are a lot of important projects without the necessary resources to make an impact. That’s why we volunteer our expertise on Fridays to help build awareness for NGO, environmental, social and animal welfare related projects.

Contact us if you need support with your project that will change the world for the better.

Let’s make a difference together!

Preferred Partners

Our marketing network is wide-reaching. We are part of a hub of preferred partners, which allows us to connect with experts specializing in various areas of marketing and product development. This configuration enables us to offer online marketing, branding, media buying campaigns and content production, including video.

For larger projects, we manage all partner companies so that our clients have only one or two contact persons, one contract and one invoice, but several teams of dedicated experts working on the project.

Let’s make a difference together.

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