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“Since MONSOON’s involvement, online leads have increased twelvefold without any decrease in conversions. The team conceives targeted campaigns and is diligent in tracking results. They present their data in weekly meetings to ensure that they keep on track.”

– Martyn Szczepankowski Head of CEE w SunRoof Sverige AB


SunRoof produces solar roofs, a product that combines roof tiles with photovoltaic cells. SunRoof wants every roof in the future to be a solar roof and to produce enough electricity to meet all the energy demands of a household to ensure a green future 🌳.


Monsoon has supported SunRoof from the very beginning. Building marketing strategies, tracking, and lead generation for the Swedish market since 2019.
Now, Monsoon is supporting the business in extending its upscale chain into 4 new European markets (PL, DE, ES, IT).


SunRoof wanted to enter the Polish market in March 2020 with the goal to generate as many leads as possible. The Covid-19 pandemic struck around this time and the challenge was real.


  1. Launching a product that for many Polish people seemed like a big investment.
  2. Compared to the Nordics, Polish people are not as evolved or educated in eco-solutions.
  3. Solar roofs were completely new on the Polish market. A new market + new product entry is a risky business!
  4. There are other but cheaper photovoltaic solutions in Poland such as solar panels.

Services provided

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Funnel analytics and tracking
  • Idea validation nd discovery
  • Landing page building
  • SEO optimization


By utilizing the full potential of Facebook and Google campaigns, Monsoon created and ran acquisition campaigns. The initial lead generation campaigns increased the traffic. Soon the campaigns covered the entire customer sales funnel, from awareness to action. The key to success was the ability to create dedicated Landing Pages for each campaign and adapt the content based on certain objectives.
After the Facebook and Google initiatives, new channels were introduced.
Leads from Google search, YouTube, LinkedIn, and organic content (blog articles and CRM) amped up the website traffic even more.


One way to increase sales and create offers based on users’ needs was by creating Facebook forms and collecting information about users’ plans on investing in a new roof. And from the survey, users could click on a landing page explaining the unique features and benefits of SunRoofs’ solar roof solution.


Solar roofs were completely new to the Polish market. Thus, we created a Google Search campaign on photovoltaic systems. Based on the results, several more display remarketing campaigns followed. We needed to target people interested in photovoltaic solutions. By investing in outreach campaigns (discovery campaigns and YouTube campaigns), we could increase the traffic to the website and special landing pages.


To educate and inform about the SunRoof solution, we promoted partner webinars on LinkedIn. We also promoted B2B partner opportunities. The initiatives resulted in increased product and brand awareness of SunRoof.

Organic Content

Writing SEO-optimized blog articles made the organic traffic peak. Referring to the informative blog articles via email increased the traffic even more.


One year after implementing the digital marketing efforts, SunRoof reported the following results:

  • On average, sales leads increased by 18% per month.
  • 4x more new sales leads compared to 2020.
  • 2% point increase of the conversion rate (CVR)

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