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If you’ve been running a non-digitalized business for many years and are still unsure whether online marketing worth investing in, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Online marketing is measurable. With an online campaign, not only can you decide exactly who sees your ad, but you can also track the results and decide whether the return on investment is high enough. Most online networks and platforms offer sophisticated tracking solutions, which provides a great opportunity to track your campaign’s performance and make informed decisions about what to invest money in.
  2. Online marketing can be very cost-effective. Traditional forms of advertising like TV, radio or offline banners often cost a lot and are usually reserved for businesses with deep pockets. Online marketing provides the possibility of investing your money in a way that will maximize its effectiveness without breaking the bank. With even a relatively small investment, you can precisely target the audience that will be most interested in your products and services, which will make your budget go further.
  3. With online marketing, you can expect fast results and great insights. Your online campaign can be switched on within a day, which means you can start generating additional sales fast. Businesses that rely on quick buyer decisions can see the results of their online campaigns almost from day one. Even if an online campaign doesn’t bring the desired outcome right away, there’s still a great deal to learn about consumer trends and online user behaviour that your business can benefit from knowing.
  4. Online marketing helps you to expand your reach. If you just utilize traditional marketing or have no marketing presence at all, your ability to acquire new customers is limited: you can only grow your customer base by relying on your existing base, your network or the physical location of your business. With online marketing, you can expand your reach, build greater brand awareness and start acquiring new customers beyond what the traditional channels will allow.
  5. With online marketing, you can retarget your customers. It often happens that customers need to buy your products or services again. It can also be the case that they don’t buy your product at the first interaction because they need more time to make a decision. Online advertising gives you a unique opportunity to interact with people at any stage of the sales funnel and re-encourage them to purchase your products later.  

We believe that investing in online marketing can not only help your business to grow now but will also prepare you for the future. The current situation with Covid-19 has resulted in an unprecedented surge in online shopping. There has been an upward trend for some time now, but the pandemic has caused online sales to soar to levels that they were not expected to reach for years.

If you need a consultancy on the online marketing topic and whether it is something, which as a business owner you want to invest in, just get in touch!

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