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Client: Swan

Marketing channels: Google, LinkedIn
marketing workshops, campaign management, lead generation
Markets: Europe
Industry: fintech

About The Client is a cutting-edge fintech company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for businesses. They offer a range of services, including a tool to easily embed banking features into products.


The Background


Swan has come to us with a lead generation problem. During the workshops, we discovered that the problem refers to generating not enough SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). The client had no problem turning SQLs into deals. We have decided to dig deeper and have discovered that website visitors have a tendency to either convert to deals or be rejected early in the qualification process. It meant that Swan’s website was attracting either highly motivated users, ready to do business with them or users that do not fit into the qualification criteria at all, with no middle ground.

The Challenge


The main goal of the campaign was to increase the number of SQLs generated per month. A secondary goal was to help Swan build a process for lead nurturing, in order to optimize the conversion rate of the traffic generated by both organic and paid channels.

The main challenges were:


  • Industry: Swan is a B2B2B company, which means that the target audience for them is B2B companies. It’s difficult enough to conduct digital marketing for single-level complexity B2Bs. While leading projects like that you have to remember the needs and problems of both Swan’s clients (so B2B companies) and also the end users (so clients of Swan’s clients)
  • The finTech industry seems to be rather hermetic and focused on the Word of Mouth and referrals, so there was a question of whether Google Ads will be a successful marketing channel at all. We had great results both in search and display campaigns after, thanks to the extensive keyword research and broad use of campaign formats.

Services provided:


  • managed Google & LinkedIn campaigns,
  • set up tracking, B2B marketing workshops,
  • Content Marketing workshops




General Approach


Our plan was to utilize both Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. For Google Ads we have decided to reach users through as many campaign formats as possible and to work both for brand awareness and lead generation. We have done an account overhaul, changes the campaigns structure and set up tracking for the most important conversion actions on the website. We are A/B testing both in terms of campaign set up, optimization techniques and also website structure (with the cooperation with Swan’s team).


LinkedIn Ads


For LinkedIn Ads we took a dual approach. Firstly nurturing potential customers with more informational content to build brand awareness amongst prospects. This phase focused on building volume of users on the website. In parallel we also launched a conversion campaign optimized for lead generation on the website, primarly focusing on retargeting users who already came in contact with the product.

B2B Marketing Workshop


We have also conducted an extensive B2B marketing workshop with the Swan’s team in order to highlight the importance of content usage for lead generation. We have prepared a lead qualification process along with the content marketing strategy for a specific type of target audience members. It helps us to establish a shared definition of lead, MQL and SQL between the Sales team at Swan and Marketing team at Monsoon.


Here are the results


  • Increased traffic by 150.39% (Sessions) and brought 150% more new users to the website
  • Increased conversions in the first 3 months of cooperation month-by-month
  • Created ~72k of pipeline value with 35k EUR of ad spend for Google and LinkedIn


The Swan’s Project Team

Kasia Sobczyk

Performance Marketing Specialist

Jakub Pobiega

Growth Hacking Specialist

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