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May is here!

And with it comes announcements of exciting changes and innovations 🙌

Are you curious what marketing industry news we have for you this month?


In the May’s Knowledge Drop you can read about:

  • Achievements from Team Monsoon: Natalia became our LinkedIn expert!
  • The CREATIVES HELP UKRAINE and CRU Brand Consultancy campaign
  • Updates from the Industry: Friend locations disappear from Facebook, new display on Instagram, and TikTok removes Discover tab. Bonus: a related situation on Social Media platforms and war in Ukraine.
  • Marketing Does Good and May as a month of mental health care.


Let’s jump to the next part!


Natalia joined the circle of the LinkedIn Experts! 

Monsoon is a big family. And like the family, we are happy about the success of our team members! 

This month, Natalia joined the LinkedIn Certified Professionals Club. We are very pleased to have such talented experts in our team!

Congrats Natalia, you’re the best! 🚀



In other news, our friends from CRU Brand Consultancy are proceeding with a beautiful initiative that we could not help but mention: The CREATIVES HELP UKRAINE campaign, launched by CRU, is a collection of prints from which the agency donates 100% of the proceeds to support Ukraine.


Are you an art lover and want to help? Visit the website and learn more 🇺🇦




Starting with Social Media Updates, we should first talk about the latest updates from Facebook. Or –  more clearly – which services the platform is abandoning.


Well, at the beginning of May, Facebook informed us about the discontinuation of some of the platform’s services. Among the listed: Nearby Friends, weather alerts and Location History. 


These services will disappear from the platform on 31 May 2022 – that’s coming soon. Why these changes? 


Facebook says:

“While we’re deprecating some location-based features on Facebook due to low usage, people can still use Location Services to manage how their location information is collected and used.”


Does that mean that the platform will no longer collect users’ location information? 

Find out by reading this article.


However, this is not the end of the changes on Facebook. Only 10 months after the launch of its podcast service, the platform has also terminated its support. 

Podcasts were Facebook’s answer to the Clubhouse global rise in early 2021. Meta promoted a range of podcast options, including on-page display tools and direct connection options, which would enable Facebook users to tune in to podcasts without leaving the app. Now Meta is planning to remove it from the social-media service starting on June 3. 

More about Facebook and removing podcasts feature here.



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Knowledge Drop is our brand ,,newspaper” series, which is released at the beginning of every month as a summary of the past month.

In every Knowledge Drop there is three main sections:

  • Monsoon News
  • Industry News
  • Marketing Does Good

In Monsoon News, we share info about our successes and new collaborations, recent posts and all you need to know about Monsoon’s daily life. Also in this section you will find articles from #ExpertsOfMonsoon series. This is a huge piece of knowledge that will delight not only the marketer, but also those who are taking their first steps in this field.

Industry News covers interesting tech and social media platforms updates. No spam – only relevant, important news from the marketing industry. In the context of the war in Ukraine, the section also provides updates about the course of the war on social media platforms.

And Marketing Does Good – the section closest to our hearts. We believe that the marketing industry is not only about delivering results and revenue, it’s also about creating a better world. This section is dedicated to the positive impact marketing has on our environment and society.



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