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We can all feel the first breeze of spring in the air 🍃 Not just in the weather, but also in the marketing world! March was an interesting, novelty-filled month throughout the industry, but also a successful month for Monsoon.

What news has Monsoon brought to you?

  • Monsoon News (and successes!)
  • Industry News – expanded section on the war in Ukraine and a related situation on Social Media platforms.
  • Marketing Does Good – Olena Sadovska with “Stairmaster challenge for Ukraine” and “Stop Z” marketing campaign

Let’s get to it!


Great news on board – Monsoon named Top PPC Company in Germany by Clutch

What’s Clutch?

It’s a ratings and reviews platform that aims to connect businesses of all sizes with the services they need in order to grow. The Clutch Award is one of the biggest, most respected recognitions out there for agencies because it factors not only clients’ satisfaction, but also their trust. We are more than happy to be one of the best agencies in Germany! We often say that Monsoon is the wind beneath your wings, but this time, our clients have let us take flight 🚀


Read more about the Clutch Award and the opinions of our customers here.



This month we also welcomed our new client. MONIN has joined our client’s board!

MONIN is a brand with a long tradition and worldwide recognition. The assortment of MONIN includes syrups, fruit mixes, sauces, frappes, and liqueurs – created from natural ingredients 🍸☕

What do we do for MONIN?

  • Social media strategy & management of organic and paid channels
  • Brand workshops & creative sessions
  • Creative campaign concepts
  • Detailed performance reporting & analysis

We’re more than happy to partner with MONIN- Welcome aboard! 🎉

To learn more about MONIN’s story and our collaboration, visit our Instagram.




Some time ago, the Internet was stirred by the shocking headlines about Meta’s exit from Europe. Monsoon also addressed this issue in the article #ExpertsOfMonsoon (you can read the article of Maciej, CEO of Monsoon here). 

In the end Meta said in the official response that it has “no desire to withdraw from Europe”. The President of the EU Commission announced that a new, preliminary agreement on transatlantic data flows has been established in the US. Meta users can take a breath of relief – the platforms remain in Europe 😌

In the meantime, Instagram – one of Meta’s platforms – published a guide for small businesses, providing an overview of some key Instagram Marketing tips. The guide is a curation of advice from successful business owners who have reached a larger audience through the app. In this 8-page publication you’ll find the chapters ‘Drive Awareness and Build Community’, ‘Get Your Next Customer’ and ‘Exciting Customers and Increasing Sales’. 

The guide focused on news from all things Instagram that many don’t know about (yet). Take a look at it!



Curious about News from the Industry?

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Knowledge Drop is our brand ,,newspaper” series, which is released at the beginning of every month as a summary of the past month.

In every Knowledge Drop there is three main sections:

  • Monsoon News
  • Industry News
  • Marketing Does Good

In Monsoon News, we share info about our successes and new collaborations, recent posts and all you need to know about Monsoon’s daily life. Also in this section you will find articles from #ExpertsOfMonsoon series. This is a huge piece of knowledge that will delight not only the marketer, but also those who are taking their first steps in this field.

Industry News covers interesting tech and social media platforms updates. No spam – only relevant, important news from the marketing industry. In the context of the war in Ukraine, the section also provides updates about the course of the war on social media platforms.

And Marketing Does Good – the section closest to our hearts. We believe that the marketing industry is not only about delivering results and revenue, it’s also about creating a better world. This section is dedicated to the positive impact marketing has on our environment and society.



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