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Beginnings are always difficult, but the first month of this year is now behind us. So we come to you with a recap of what happened in the marketing community (spoiler: a lot happened!) 😉


In the Knowledge Drop #6:

  • Monsoon News and technology trends that will shape retail in 2022
  • Updates from the Industry – Feed Views on Instagram, End-to-End updates of Meta, new interactive audio platform by LinkedIn and TikTok’s new editing tools
  • Marketing Does Good – and Dove’s campaign “As Early As Five”

Let’s dive into it!


Let’s kick off Monsoon News with technology trends that will shape retail in 2022. Here, Monsoon experts have a voice! Check out what Maciej, CEO of Monsoon, has to say about Artificial Intelligence, the growing need for a seamless shopping experience and virtual reality.

…and speaking of Monsoon experts – we have to introduce you to some new members you haven’t had a chance to meet yet! In recent months the team was joined by: Kasia Sobczyk (Performance Marketing Specialist), Kuba Pobiega (Growth Hacking Specialist) and Milena Łuba (Junior Social Media Specialist).

What do they do at Monsoon and what do they like to do after work? You can find out on our Instagram (don’t forget to follow us! 😏)





Instagram has been surprising us just about every week with their updates and functionality changes. Last January, Instagram started adding a live reminder button to creators’ profiles  for select content. We can also notice changes in Reels – the app now enables Remix Video from other creators. But the biggest change that Instagram is currently testing seems to be Feed Views. What will your homepage look like then? Take a look at Adam Mosseri’s video – Head of Instagram.

Updates to End-to-End Encrypted Chats on Messenger are real. The new feature is available to everyone and as Meta assures – you can now connect with your family and friends safer than ever. Plus, users will receive notifications when screenshots are taken… and they’re completing the number of gifs or the option to reply to a selected message. You can read more about selected End-to-End updates here.

Remember Clubhouse? LinkedIn is releasing its interactive audio platform:

”We want to make it easier to host virtual round tables, fireside chats, and more. Some may want the event to be more formal, or less formal.” 

The platform is free, despite previous plans to ticket events. As fast as features, LinkedIn is rolling out the ability to run an event straight from your profile. For now, only the audio version is available – so we’ll have to wait for the video version in April.

We’ve already (and very often) mentioned the seemingly endless possibilities offered to us by TikTok. Application developers are not idle and keep surprising us with new solutions. You can read about them in the latest guide to editing tools.



Dove released a campaign showcasing little girls and adult women who have experienced/are experiencing hair-related discrimination. The beauty brand is raising awareness for CROWN (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act legislation to make race-based hair discrimination illegal. The brand emphasizes that 53% of Black mothers whose daughters have experienced hair discrimination say it’s affected them as young as five years old. It’s an extremely important and necessary topic, especially since it comes out as Black History Month begins (Feb. 1-March 1).


Well, that’s all for now – see you in March! 👋

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