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The fact that 2022 has already begun means two things – taking stock and planning for what matters most! And speaking of planning, here are a few things that might come in handy in the new year, especially if you’re part of the marketing world or plan on becoming a social media master ☝️ 📅


In the Knowledge Drop #5, among other things are:

  1. Monsoon News and the summary of the year
  2. Facebook and TikTo updates, including some new features + Instagram Trends for 2022
  3. LinkedIn with “Campaign Diversity in the workplace’’
  4. A comprehensive Mobile Apps Summary of 2021
  5. 5 Eco-Friendly Marketing Ideas To Try In 2022

Not bad, right?

Monsoon News

Have you heard about Monsoon’s latest award yet? If not, we rush to help!

Monsoon has been awarded one of the Most Reviewed Global App Marketing Agencies for 2021! If you are curious about it – check out our article!

Besides, Facebook keeps announcing new changes, especially when it comes to advertising options (Ads Manager). This makes Facebook Advertising feel like a moving target, creating many challenges in the process.

In December, it was Detailed Targeting Expansion. If you haven’t read the latest #ExpertsOfMonsoon article yet, you may want to. In the article, Natalia Więch answers what Detailed Targeting Expansion actually is and how it could affect the success of ads during the holiday season.

…and of course it was time to wrap up 2021! And there was a lot going on – just take a look at the summary. New people have joined our team and you can get to know them better if you follow our Instagram  😏

Industry News

In the world of social media – lots of recaps, new options and predictions for the future were made! 🔮

From clapping, crickets, drumrolls, and evil laughter, to audio clips from artists like Rebecca Black as well as mainstream TV shows. That’s the new soundmojis from Meta (Facebook). You don’t know how to use the new expression tool? Check this article with tips.

Facebook has also leaned into influencers and their impact on marketing efforts. The platform has prepared a nearly 14-page publication on what results influencers generate.

The king of 2021 – TikTok – is also introducing new changes and improvements for its users. Re-post is the latest option introduced in the app. What are the principles of Re-post? Check it out here!

TikTok also wrapped up its year. Both by the numbers and through a compilation of popular creators. How do the creators describe the TikTok phenomenon?

“They come to TikTok for the community, stay for the creativity, and leave feeling happy and inspired.’’ Nothing more, nothing less – well done!

For Instagram, 2021 was a year full of new updates and features, the biggest debut being Reels. But what’s new in 2022? The platform, in collaboration with Gen Z Influencers, has just released a Trend Guide for 2022. Take a look at it – there’s a ton of valuable information in it!

And what’s new with LinkedIn? The B2B-focused platform highlights a very important aspect in the work environment – diversity. As you can see in the video, the main focus is on gender pronouns, as well as clothing, being emotional at work and even using emojis. A necessary and valuable campaign for all of us, regardless of your goals or whether you’re B2B or B2C.

Last but not least – a summary of the 2021 Apps. Are we even still surprised by this? Well, we’d be lying if we said we did 😏 See for yourself!

Marketing Does Good

In the new year, we won’t forget about best practices and resolutions – including those in marketing. We leave you with 5 Eco-Friendly Marketing Ideas To Try In 2022, get inspired!


See you next month, everyone!  

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