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December is here and you know what that means! The holiday atmosphere and first reflections of 2021 are already in the air ✨. While the Monsoon Agency is excited, this long awaited festive aura hasn’t made us miss a beat!

Every month we prepare for you Knowledge Drop – a drop of news from Monsoon life and the world of marketing.

As a reminder, the Knowledge Drop is divided into 3 comprehensive sections:

  1. Monsoon News
  2. Industry News
  3. Marketing Does Good

Here we go!

Monsoon News

This month we celebrated perhaps the marketing industry’s biggest day – Black Friday (November 27). It’s not just an opportunity for consumers to buy much-wanted products at bargain prices – it’s also a chance to shop consciously and eco-friendly. We at Monsoon enjoy celebrating events that impact sustainability and care for the environment so we created the post based on our best practices including tips on making Black Friday a little greener this year (you can find it here).

Now it’s time for our Experts of Monsoon series! In today’s digitalization era, more and more entrepreneurs are challenged by the constantly-changing business landscape. Today, most professional interactions, as well as product and services searches occur online. Therefore, moving your business online is the first step you should take to keep your business going (and growing)! If you still have doubts and don’t know where to start, read a great step-by-step guide prepared by our CEO and marketing expert – Maciej.

If you’ve ever created a new ad on Google, you’ve surely thought of the most important question of the whole process – is it even visible? In a recent #expertsofmonsoon article, our Junior Performance Marketing Specialist Kasia dispelled doubts about why we may not be seeing our Google Ads, even if we followed the instructions. Check it out if you are curious about our solutions! 💁🏼

Our Monsoon News closes with information about a new client. We are more than happy to announce our partnership with Jenji. Jenji is a software that simplifies business expense reports. You can read more about our new client and future partnerships in #clientsofmonsoon series (available on our social media).

Welcome aboard Jenji! 🎉

Industry News


Linkedin is working to increase audience engagement by introducing new tools. Creator Mode is a new platform idea, which will allow marketers to create Newsletters or conduct Live transmissions for their followers. Definitely worth a try!

As Linkedin creators say: live videos see, on average, 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters in the app. 

LinkedIn initially launched Creator Mode back in March with selected users, and it has been steadily increasing access since. You can see if you have access to the tool via the creator mode edit hub. If you have access, will you give it a shot?


Podcasts on Facebook? It’s possible now!

Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Podcasts”, but only now available for the US audience on mobile devices. So we can make our work time more enjoyable by just listening to podcasts from US creators. 

Facebook has also prepared a special guide for those who want to use the new feature and start publishing their own podcasts. You can learn more about Facebook Podcasts here.


In November, Instagram served us more novelties – combined display of relevant image posts, longer Stories, Reels and video content.

Instagram’s new measures are likely a response to the continued rise of TikTok and we can’t help but think it’s a deliberate move by Meta to target the youngest social media users. Not that we can really blame them…

As Mark Zuckerberg said:

“Historically, young adults have been a strong base, and that’s important because they are the future. But over the last decade, as the audience that uses our apps has expanded so much and we’ve focused on serving everyone, our services have gotten dialed to be best for the most people who use them rather than specifically for young adults. And during this period, competition has also gotten more intense, especially with Apple’s iMessage growing in popularity and more recently the rise of TikTok, which is one of the most effective competitors that we have ever faced.”


Google’s mobile search results offer users unlimited scrolling – they call it continuous scrolling. Searching for content is supposed to be as easy as possible, without having to click another page. Convenience is Google’s #1 priority.

Google’s efforts have been tested before in previous years, and in 2018 they decided to introduce the convenience of a “See more” button. A seemingly minor update could have a major impact on search.

Well, it will definitely encourage search browsing users to look deeper than the first search results.

Marketing Does Good

At Monsoon, we like to focus our attention on how marketing can have a good impact in areas of everyday life. That’s why we haven’t missed the latest research on Black Friday participation.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of Gen Z consumers have been put off by traditional marketing and instead prefer brands who have a ‘greener’ image. 🌍🌳

This is very important information!

As the research indicates, Generation Z is somewhat unresponsive to Black Friday marketing that doesn’t show a company’s sustainable practices. Generation Z values conscious and ethical brand communications and are twice as likely to buy from brands that advertise sustainable purchase incentives, such as donating to charity or offsetting climate impacts. Interesting, right? You can read more about the study here.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your comments and thoughts about the Knowledge Drop with us!


See you next month! 🙌

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