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We’re marketing enthusiasts, and we love to share our knowledge. We want to go beyond our everyday operational work and create a brand-new space for you to explore our ideas and get marketing-inspired.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our first issue of Monsoon’s Knowledge Drop! This is our brand new “newspaper” series, which will be released at the beginning of every month as a summary of the past month. We hope this will be an interesting read for you! 

Let us guide you through our first Knowledge Drop! There are three main sections:

  1. Monsoon News 
  2. Industry News
  3. Marketing Does Good

In Monsoon News, we share info about our achievements, milestones, recent posts, and provide other updates. A lot is happening at Monsoon, so stay tuned!

The second section- Industry News– covers interesting marketing campaigns, tech updates, and important events in the marketing industry.  No spam- only relevant, important news.

The last section is closest to our hearts- Marketing Does Good. We believe that the marketing industry is not only about delivering results and revenue, it’s also about creating our lives and the world we live in. That’s why we want to write about the positive impact marketing has on our environment and society.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get started!

Monsoon News

Despite the hazy days of summer, our team was super productive this month!

Let’s begin with a bunch of good reads. Our Senior Social Media Specialist Natalia Więch wrote an interesting “Step-by-step guide on how to start with paid ads on TikTok”. If you want to bring your business to the next level using TikTok, this article is the perfect place to start.

Moreover, our CMO Monika Siwek published an inspiring article about Top 6 Google Analytics Report Every Marketer Should Know. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful marketing tools – we think we can all agree on that! Understanding how users interact with an ad or a website can catalyze your marketing efforts. However, interpreting the GA reports can sometimes be tricky. That’s why Monika created a list of the 6 most important Google Analytics reports that you should all know by heart when setting up any marketing campaign.  

The other half of the management team, our CEO Maciej Baraniak, has been busy too. He became one of the first certified LinkedIn ads experts! Congratulations Maciej! “The continuous improvement of qualifications and competence is the basis of MONSOON marketing values” – we couldn’t agree more with your words!

Do you follow us on social media? If not, it’s time to check out our profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin! This month we had the pleasure to welcome two of our great clients on social media – Pomélo+Co and MSL Furniture. Plus, we celebrated an extraordinary event, “Get to Know Your Customer Day” with our clients and “World Emoji Day”. Check out our social media to learn how great it was! Follow us to stay updated!

Last but not least- warm congratulations to our wonderful client SunRoof who is one of the 50 startups on VC Funding In CEE Report 2Q 2021 list!

Industry News

Monsoon was not the only one busy this month, it was also a lively one for the industry. Google launched The Google July 2021 core update and The Google Link Spam Algorithm. Additionally, Google’s team is now working on the expansion of the “About this result” feature.

The July 2021 update is a classic broad core update that Google launches every few months or so. The goal behind these updates is that Google gets better at delivering the most relevant and reliable results while decreasing the number of irrelevant ones appearing on a search results page. Core updates are global, not specific to any region, language, or website category. They may affect website ranking. Pages that were previously under-rewarded can be ranked higher, while other websites may face drops in their traffic. But don’t panic! Read more about The Google July 2021 core update and keep your site at the top.

Another update from the giant! Google link spam algorithm update started rolling out on July 26, 2021. It makes Google’s algorithms more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam. Read Google’s reminder on qualifying links and our link spam update and check if you are following Google’s rules.

Have you ever wondered why Google ranked a specific site for a given query? Of course, we all did. Now, Google gives us a pretty detailed explanation of this enigma. Launched in February 2021, the “About this result” box delivers information on what factors were used to rank a specific result. This feature is being developed only for the English language in the US at the moment, but Google plans to expand it to other languages and regions. Can’t wait? Read more here.

Marketing Does Good

We’re soooo happy to see that more and more brands incorporate the “body positivity/ acceptance” idea in their policy. In 2019, Facebook and Instagram limited the possibility of advertising “miracle” diets and weight-loss products, but Pinterest is the first to ban these ads completely. Congratulations Pinterest! We hope that more brands will promote body acceptance in the near future.

Well, that’s all for now. We hope it was an interesting read for you. See you in September!

Please let us know what you think in the comments! You can also contact us directly here

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