How many times have you heard that brand activities are hard to measure? That it takes time before you see results, and that it’s tricky to quantify the ROI (Return on Investment)? 

There is also a common misconception that brand campaigns cost a lot and only include offline marketing channels like TV or OOH (Out Of Home) advertising. 

But guess what? You can effectively measure your brand campaigns, and they don’t always have to consume your entire marketing budget. It all depends on your objective, the creative concept you choose and the channels you decide to use. 


Why create a brand campaign?

The reason for creating a brand campaign is to show your brand personality and build a special relationship between you and your audience. Tell them your story, share your mission and present the values you believe in. Your end goal is to be recognized and remembered as a brand, so when customers make a final purchasing decision, they choose your product or service over the competition’s. 

In terms of objectives, you need to decide what you are planning to achieve with each campaign. If you’re not a well-known brand or you’re presenting a new solution to a problem, you should first focus on building awareness. Make sure people understand your mission and how to use your product.

If you’re a more established brand and people are already aware of what you offer, you need to make sure they choose your product over the competition’s. The ultimate objective of every brand campaign is to acquire loyal customers who love your product or service, believe in your brand story and are eager to recommend your product to family and friends. 


How do you measure a brand campaign?

Here are a few helpful brand metrics you can use to measure your brand activities.

  • Brand tracker – Brand tracking is a great way of measuring changes in brand perception over time. In order to check the effectiveness of your brand campaign, set up a brand tracker before and after the campaign. The most common method is sending out an online survey to ask for your customer’s feedback and to learn about their behaviours. You can ask questions about your product usage, monitor your brand health and measure all-important metrics such as awareness, consideration, usage, preference and loyalty. It’s essential to test your brand perception with the same group of people before and after your campaign in order to get meaningful results about how the campaign performed.


  • Social Media analytics – Your social media is the space for representing your brand out loud. Be sure to adapt your creatives to all relevant channels and analyze social media metrics during the campaign. You want to measure the engagement rate of your campaign posts and see the response to your creative concept. Track your brand mentions and the use of campaign hashtags. If you want to spread your campaign even further, don’t neglect social listening. It’s important to not only track and measure the results of your campaign but also to react to your customers’ feedback, answer all their comments and make sure you listen to their needs.


  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) – NPS is another metric you can use to see if your brand campaign is working well. The Net Promoter Score tells you how likely customers are to recommend your product. You should monitor whether the score changes during and after the campaign. If you end up having a higher NPS percentage, it means that customers appreciated your effort, and there’s a chance they’ll spread the good word about your product.


  • Media performance (TV & OOH) – Not every company can afford a TVC (TV campaign) or OOH advertising. Even so, if you end up using offline channels, you can still easily track your campaign performance. For example, TVSquared is a platform that measures impressions and the reach of your TVC so you can see what channels and times of the day work well for your spot. If you want to invest in OOH advertising, be sure to include a tracking code on your creative. This can take the form of a discount code, a QR code or a link to your website for more information.


  • Exit polls – To discover how your newly acquired customers found out about your product or service, you can set up an exit poll, for example, as a pop-up notification or an email following a purchase. You can ask whether customers recently saw your TV spot, your billboard or maybe one of your social media posts in order to measure what channels are working best. While exit polls can help to gather more data regarding your campaign performance, they shouldn’t be your primary source of information as the response rate can be very low.


  • Marketing channels performance – To see the true impact of your brand activities, it’s a good idea to promote your campaign across all relevant channels. The most common channels used for brand campaigns are social media, email marketing, SEO, PR, CX, TV and OOH. Measuring each channel’s performance separately and then analyzing their impact after the campaign has ended will provide a good understanding of what was achieved during the campaign and what channels work best to promote the brand.


  • SEO brand – Monitoring the growth of your organic traffic during the brand campaign is crucial; it’s a strong indicator of brand awareness. If you see people land on your website directly after typing your address or you notice a significant jump in branded keywords (keywords that include the name of your brand), it means that your efforts are paying off. You can track direct visits using Google Analytics and monitor the performance of your branded keywords with tools like Sixtrix or SEMRush. Another powerful way of measuring brand visibility is Google Trends, which allows you to easily see the evolution of searches for your brand’s search terms. Lastly, you can always review the stats (sessions and rankings) for your branded keywords in Google Search Console.


As you can see, there are several ways of measuring your brand activities. What you need is to choose the right marketing channels for your individual campaign and to make sure all of your actions are measurable. If you need any advice on how to set up your first brand campaign or what the essential brand metrics for your business are, give us a shout, and we’ll make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to launch an outstanding brand campaign. 

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