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If you’re running ads for a lead generation business and you want to get better quality leads through your advertising efforts – consider these two lesser-known Google Ads features. First one – Enhanced Conversion is a tracking option, which requires a technical setup. However, when implemented properly, it can be a very powerful tool. This is because it vastly improves your measurement capabilities. The second one is Conversion Value Rules – an option available in the interface that allows users to modify the value of a conversion, depending on its specific dimensions. Utilizing these features is ideal for providing marketers with unique, goal-oriented options.

Both features can complement your existing lead generation strategy.

Understanding Enhanced Conversions


Enhanced Conversions is a tracking feature that allows for more accurate conversion measurement in Google Ads. Thinking of lead generation businesses, this feature is reliable for accurately tracking  off-site sales (for example, phone or email conversions) from website leads, which is a form submission. 


How does it work? 


Imagine a signed-in Google user, who sees your YouTube ad, then (without clicking on an ad) completes a form on your website. The conversion tag will capture the information, which the user submits in the form and send it to Google. Then the system matches hashed user data so a conversion can be reported in your Google Ads panel. Simply put: Enhanced Conversions allow advertisers to use hashed, first-party data submitted through a lead form for offline measurement and attribution to a campaign that directly, or indirectly triggered a specific user action. That can be very powerful for lead generation, for which we know that the conversion path is usually a bit longer and it includes many touchpoints.

Businesses of all kinds have been asking for something that can close the gap between their efforts and offline conversions and this tool can do just that.


When You Should Use Conversion Value Rules?


Setting up Conversion Value Rules can be helpful for these businesses, which due to technical or methodical constraints are unable to value the conversions using available tools, such as conversion tag or an Offline Conversion Import. If, as an advertiser you’re interested in value-based bidding for your project and you want to apply rules to optimise towards more high value customers, Conversion Value Rules come in handy. By using this solution, you can apply rules based on specific customer dimensions in the Google Ads panel.  


The specific condition, which can be used in combination with Conversion Value Rules are:

  • Audiences: you can adjust the value for customers, which you segment and identify through your own lists or the user lists available in the UI.
  • Geographic locations: this option allows to assign a higher value to the conversion, which happens in a certain location.
  • Devices: if a conversion happens on a specific device, which has a higher value to the business, you can increase the value of that conversion too!

You can also create some unique value rules that apply to some specific conversion actions. That in use of Smart Bidding (such as Target ROAS or Maximise Conversion Value) can allow you to create a context for the algorithm, which will drive more valuable conversions for your business. Note: Conversion value rules only apply to Search, Shopping, Display, and Performance Max campaigns, so make sure you choose the right campaign format to drive more qualitative leads.


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