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About The Client


SunRoof developed a revolutionary solar roof system from a fusion of roof tiles and photovoltaic cells. Their mission is to replace traditional roofs with solar roofs that will produce enough electricity to cover every household’s electricity demand and ensure a green future. 🌳

SunRoof wanted to enter the Polish market in March 2020 with the goal to generate as many leads as possible. The Covid-19 pandemic struck around this time and the challenge was real.

The main challenges were:

  • Launching a product that for many Polish people seemed like a big investment, especially during such uncertain times as the pandemic.
  • Compared to the Nordics, Polish people are not as evolved or educated in eco-solutions – it was not only a market entry but also a product entry.
  • Solar roofs were completely new on the Polish market. A new market plus a new product entry is a risky business!
  • There are other but cheaper photovoltaic solutions in Poland such as solar panels so the competition was tough.

Services provided

Lead generation campaigns

Funnel analytics and tracking

Idea validation and discovery

Landing page building & SEO optimization



We have supported SunRoof on its journey from the very beginning. Our roles ranged from building the marketing strategy and brand awareness to lead generation. Our goal for entering the polish market was to build brand awareness and sales enablement by generating as many quality leads as possible.

Facebook Ads

The very first channel which was used to achieve the business objective was Facebook Ads and all activities were solely focused on lead generation. With time we were able to better understand the profile of a customer interested in photovoltaic installations, therefore we managed to effectively target the right audiences and tailor the message of the ads in an appealing way. This enabled us to deliver the expected number of leads at the desired CPL and open up the budget for other marketing initiatives.

LinkedIn Ads & Google Search

We attempted to seek customers beyond Facebook’s ecosystem and we started to implement additional channels to the mix – such as LinkedIn Ads or Google Search. Especially with LinkedIn, building a proper scale of leads wasn’t as easy as we initially thought. Our ads had quite high CPC’s for queries that the competition actively bid on and low search volumes for keywords that were the very core of the business – “solar roofs”. We needed to come up with a solution that would allow us not only to generate the desired volume of leads efficiently but also to educate potential customers about solar roofs, which was a completely new product on the Polish market.

Coverage of Every Aspect of Customer Lifecycle

The above became possible when we approached the user journey holistically and covered absolutely every aspect of the customer lifecycle:

  • Firstly, we have started to address the higher stages of the sales funnel, such as awareness and interest. We invested more in outreach campaigns with the use of Discovery Ads, YouTube, or Display. We have also promoted webinars through Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. The goal here wasn’t to push the volume of leads but rather to increase brand recognition and educate the market about the solution offered by SunRoof.
  • Secondly, we have designed and integrated a complex cross-channel remarketing system, which allowed us to better control the dynamic between different channels and be top of mind for users who came across our advertising.
  • Lastly, the big contribution to the entire success was the ability to create dedicated Landing Pages. We have steered the traffic to the designed pages, where we have adapted the content and CTA’s based on certain objectives. Depending on the source of traffic and presumed knowledge of the product, we highlighted different features and USPs to provide the best user experience and convert the traffic to leads.

Content & SEO

We also regularly provide SunRoof with high-quality blog articles and other SEO services, which we believe will have a long-term impact on the organic listing on Google.

All of the above combined with continuous improvement of the quality of the ads, helped us to deliver very good performance and elevate SunRoof to a very strong position on the polish photovoltaic landscape.

Here are the results


One year after implementing the digital marketing efforts, SunRoof reported the following results:

400% growth when compared to Q2 of 2020


On average, 18% MoM growth in leads.


2,5 percentage points increase in conversion rate (CVR)


A developing relationship


Monsoon has supported SunRoof from the very beginning. Building marketing strategies, tracking, and lead generation for the Swedish market since 2019. Currently, Monsoon is supporting the business in extending its upscale chain into 3 new markets (DE, SE, USA).

The SunRoof’s Project Team

Natalia Więch

Senior Social Media Specialist

Jakub Pobiega

Growth Hacking Specialist

Agnieszka Remblewska

Online Marketing Specialist


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